"Highlights, besides the narrator, included the chorales, Jesus and Camilla Harris’ Air ‘O Heart, melt in weeping’...Camilla Harris had a delightful voice and showed phenomenal sensitivity and sympathy when she sang ‘O Heart, melt in weeping’." Rosemary Westwell for Ely Standard (St John Passion at Ely Cathedral)
"As the Israelite Boy, Camilla Harris displayed a lovely sheen and graceful phrasing in her single aria". Claire Seymour, Opera Today (Esther at the London Handel Festival 22/03/18)
"...all endeared themselves to the audience with their very human representations of the three Archangels, but special mention must be made of the beautiful control and bell-like clarity of Camilla Harris’ singing" Richard Allaway. (Haydn's Creation at Bishops Stortford College 19/03/17)
"The well-known cat duet (Camilla Harris and Jordan Carlton) had excellent dramatic performances by the two younger singers, who kept beautifully in character" Katie Lodge, NE:MM
"The shepherdesses from the torn wallpaper, led by Rebecca Madden and Camilla Harris and were delightful. Camilla Harris returned later in an altogether less innocent guise as one of the two cats, in a sexed-up take on Rossini’s cat duet alongside Jordan Carlton." Jane Shuttleworth, Bach Track
"All the singing was excellent, but particularly worthy of praise are Alexander Banfield for his portrayals of the Wedgwood teapot and the tree frog, Ana Fernandez Guerra as the squirrel, and Camilla Harris and Jordan Carlton for their cat duet." Tom Emmett, The Northern Echo
"To end, soprano Camilla Harris read movingly from Anne Boleyn’s letter to Henry written from the Tower of London before her death". Nick Boston, Bach Track
"The title of the final soprano aria “Zerfließe, mein Herze” translates as “melt my heart”, and nothing more needs to be said – this was exactly what Camilla Harris did." Jane Shuttleworth, Music Durham
"...Camilla Harris who sang the final aria. This last performance was really special and set the tone for the closing section of the piece beautifully." Michael Vasmer, The Bubble
"Milly Harris’s Pamina was feminine and believable. Her clear, liquid voice lent itself well to varied situations and her sorrowful lament was especially touching..." Katja Garson, Palatinate
"Pamina’s innocence and expressive desires were particularly exploited in her Act Two lament – the anguish was beautifully demonstrated with her sumptuous melismas."Francis Mullaly, Durham Theatre Review

Photography by Jamie Wright

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